What We Do

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Pets for Patients works to bring hope and healing to people by connecting them with a rescue pet.

Pets for Patients’ all-volunteer team accepts referrals from Cincinnati’s Children Hospital to connect with families of chronically-ill children who are in need of the hope and healing provided by a rescue animal, but don’t have the knowledge of the process, or time to find a companion. One hundred percent of our funding is used to implement our services to patients and rescue pets.

Our Process.

  1. Cincinnati Children’s medical and social service teams refer patients to our organization.

  2. We then spend time learning and understanding the wants, needs, and realities of every family to match them with the perfect rescue animal.

  3. Once a family’s needs are understood, Pets for Patients locates a suitable rescue pet.

  4. Pets for Patients manages the entire rescue process with the agencies, transports the pets to have them thoroughly screened for temperament and health issues, and ensures the animal has the appropriate obedience training.

  5. Additionally, we continue to work with families after the transition is complete to provide help with pet care, understanding basics in obedience training, and assistance as needed as the patient works through their illness.

*We specialize in pets and family dogs. We do not offer therapy or service animals. We do not provide certifications such ESA, obedience or comfort certifications.

Love. Hope. Healing.

 Reese & Larry

Reese & Larry

We believe in the power of the human-animal bond.

One of our amazing families wrote about their experience with Pets for Patients. They wrote, “Carol has been working diligently with us since we met her in Nov. 2015. Carol made serious effort trying to find the right dog for us. Without any pet experience, we did not know what to look for. Carol provided lots of valuable advice, we eventually adopted a cute dog named Reese from a local shelter. She really made our first couple of months as new dog owners a lot easier. Every couple of days, Carol texted us and asked us Reese’s daily routine and provided diet advice and simple training tips. With Carol’s help, we become more and more knowledgeable on pets. More importantly, we are very excited to see that Reese has been providing unconditional support and companionship to Larry, our 12-year old son who is a brain tumor survivor.

Now Reese is a member of our family, and he really feels our house is his home. We appreciate Carol’s great support during our journey of becoming pet parents.”

- Julie & Steve -