Pets for Patients

Pets bring a sense of hope and healing to the individuals and families that love and care for them.


About pets for patients

When a child’s life has been impacted by a serious or chronic illness, having a pet as a companion can improve the mental health and sense of well-being for the patient and their family as everyone struggles to create a new normal.

Pets for Patients assesses and matches rescue pets (either cats or dogs) with children receiving treatment referred to us by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). We are a single resource that funds and facilitates the entire adoption process including the selection, temperament testing, training and transition of the pet into the family and education of the family to ensure a successful match.


Our mission is to create a forever bond

Pets for Patients was established to address a very real need for families of chronically ill children: a desire for companionship, a renewed sense of hope, and a powerful spirit of healing. Our dedicated, all-volunteer team focuses on impacting both the families and the animal in need of a forever home.

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